Google’s new Apache module, mod_pagespeed !!!

Google recently announced a new Apache module, mod_pagespeed, whose only purpose is to get websites hosted on Apache web servers to load faster. On average, Google found that sites that had mod_pagespeed enabled served websites up to 50% faster than their un-endowed brethren.

mod_pagespeed in brief:
mod_pagespeed is basically an open-source module for Apache which does the task of optimizing the web-pages and its resources. Its an automated process and makes use of the filters for enhancment of web performance by re-writing the resources. Performance enhancement for Apache HTTP Server can easily be achieved using the module.

Multiple filters are included within this module that helps in optimizing JavaScript, HTML and CSS stylesheets. Moreover, even the images in the formats .jpeg and .png can be read by the filters. As a final result, users can find an improvement in the load time for webpages on a website.

How to install mod_pagespeed?

1. Determine the the version on the server by using the following command:
    uname -a
2. Download the latest version of mod_pagespeed from
rpm -i mod-pagespeed-*.rpm
    rpm -ql mod-pagespeed-beta

3. Restart apache using the below command

service httpd restart

How to Upgrade mod_pagespeed ?

To upgrade the mod_pagespeed module, you must download the latest version and make use of the command “yum localinstall mod-pagespeed-*.rpm” for  installing

to upgrade mod_pagespeed use the below commands to upgrade the package :

    sudo yum update
    sudo /etc/init.d/httpd restart

How to install mod_pagespeed on cpanel server?
There is a feature request for mod_pagespeed here:

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