Hostgator Eaten Up By The Competition Perhaps?

Hostgator, a leading web hosting company which went for 10 years by the catch phrase “We Eat Up The Competition” looks like has been “Eaten Up by The Competition.” Hostgator is renown as Best US Webhosting Company for it’s quality support. The (EIG) is about to acquire Hostgator news had spread like virus all over the internet since past few months. However, it has turned out to be true, Hostgator has been acquired by (EIG) Endurance International Group for $225 Million Dollars and this has been confirmed by CEO of Hostgator Mr. Brent Oxley in a recent internal e-mail. Like every Hosting company and consumers, even was taken by surprise. Brent is an inspirational entrepreneur as Hostgator grew rapidly after its launch in 2002 and we are sure that he might have given serious thought on the sell-out. Well, $225 Millions sounds a pretty good deal for him but the ground is shrinking beneath the feet of Hostgator customers.

Hostgator Acquired by EIG

Hostgator Sold


Possible Changes in Hostgator?

Out of curiosity about the deal, we tried to gather much information through few sources and online forums regarding the sell-out and the deal made between EIG and Hostgator. But it seems there isn’t much reliable information yet that confirms if Hostgator management would change or there would be Data Center Migration. As per our sources and online forums , many customers have already canceled their hosting accounts with Hostgator and have moved to another hosting providers. Maybe these customers are very well aware of the issues during Data Center migration and would like to avoid those chances. AS per Brent’s official internal email, the Houston and Austin property would still be under his name which means EIG would possibly migrate the Data Center. Hostgator provides popular and familiar hosting control panel Cpanel and Plesk whereas EIG provides their custom control panel known as Vdeck. So, the question still remains if EIG would migrate all Hostgator clients on Servers with VDeck? As per sources and online communities, hosting prices are likely to increase too. Many Experts, Hosting Gurus and Hostgator consumers have expressed concerns if Hostgator’s quality would degrade.

Possible Technical Difficulties During Data Center Migration Can be:

If EIG decides to migrate Hostgator clients hosting account on Servers installed with VDeck control panel, it would be a manual migration and not image restoration. When it comes to manual migration, every file has to be migrated individually due to which there can be compatibilty issues between old server and and new server. This issue can happen during Plesk to Plesk migration as there is no automated data migration option in Plesk like Cpanel. Also, if there is a difference in Plesk Control panel version, complete data has to be migrated manually.

Another possible issue is downtime due to DNS configuration file and IP confliction. If EIG would migrate the Hostgator servers to different data center, Server IP’s will definitely change. When the data is not migrated properly, OLD IP entires will reflect on the new server and IP’s will conflict resulting downtime. It becomes difficult for technical team to audit all files after migration as each Shared Server has 300+ domains hosted. To solve this issue. It can take weeks as it would persist with most of the accounts hosted on the server.

Precautions to be taken by Hostgator Consumers:

There is a possibility to loose data during backup and migration process. It is strictly recommended for Hostgator consumers to take the data backup everyday on their local machine to be at safer side. What If one day you wake up and find email in your inbox stating that “We are sorry for the inconvenience, currently we are having downtime as the servers being migrated to a new Data Center facility?

Caution for Hostgator Users if Finding Alternative:

EIG owns 30+ hosting companies and their marketing team is already promoting their other hosting companies as alternatives on forums. Please check hosting companies from the following list if belongs to EIG before choosing alternate. Following are the companies owned by EIG :

Hostgator Sold
Hostgator Refugee
  • iPowerWeb
  • AccountSupport
  • BizLand
  • BizHostNet
  • BlueDomino
  • BlueHost
  • Dot5
  • DomainHost
  • EasyCGI
  • eHost 
  • EntryHost
  • FastDomain
  • FatCow
  • FreeYellow
  • HostCentric
  • HostClear
  • HostYourSite
  • HyperMart
  • HostMonster
  • ImOutDoors
  • iPowerWeb
  • iPage
  • JustHost
  • NetFirms
  • NetWorksHosting
  • PowWeb
  • PureHost
  • ReadyHost
  • Startlogic
  • SuperGreen Hosting
  • USAnetHosting
  • VirtualAve
  • Xeran

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