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Facebook is currently the leading social networking site. Many people are familiar with group functions for Facebook. We can find favorite brands pages created on Facebook and shared among the user in order to promote and advertise it. Similar to Facebook, Google Plus is becoming famous due to its various features. Google Plus communities are one of the features that is getting more people attracted. It functions similar to Facebook page. Gaining popularity of Google plus communities can prove much beneficial for publicity of business, products or other things. Through community we can interact with the genuine clients or visitors.

The sole purpose of being a part of Google Plus Community should not be increasing sales or traffic to your website, rather a medium to interact and have real conversations with people. Famous brands who are aware that social media is just a channel that helps them connect with existing customers as well as service potential customers are already ahead in the digital race.

As we have seen that Google Plus community is better option to interact with customers it doesn’t mean that it can help to increase the business or sales by increasing traffic. It can be a medium to have discussions with various customers regarding existing brands or products they are using along with kind of service they are getting. We can get clear idea from the discussions about what kind product and service people are in search of.

Google Plus communities can be used to get better results for SEO.

First, we can start new community which will be related to our product, business or service. You can make this community accessible to all our or can keep it private in which everyone cannot gain access.

You can follow the below steps to start a new community.

1) Go to and clicks create community.

2) You can select whether your community should be public or private.

3) You can name it and decide if you want to approve new members or not.

Now, your community is ready. Various categories can be created to guide discussions. You can add brief details regarding your community.

 Secondly, as the community has been created, we can now try to gain attention of various visitors towards our product or services. Generally, people check for communities related to product and he or she thinks that if particular they can become member of it. Here, the discussion plays a major role to gain interest among members and established trust up to certain level. Once people have faith in you then you can product or services can be explained to them in detail. We can build relationship here apart from looking for traffic and business.

Communities of Google plus helps various visitors with proper solutions to their various queries. Industry experts are also available on Google Plus and they can also help us with our queries. You can also link community members to your blogs related to your services or product and help them with getting their queries solved.

Communities are best ways to optimize alertness regarding your product and thus the community should not be kept private. The reason behind this is that Google plus communities are indexed by Google. The information on your community is related to query entered by user then similar keywords are found, then you information can be fetched by Google, thus you product or services can get popular.

Facebook do have a competitor now. Google Plus feature like Community can really help various small or large businesses gain popularity through it. You just need to create community and get started.

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